Allison Transmission to Co-Develop Demonstration Vehicle with VanDyne SuperTurbo

VanDyne's mechanically driven turbocharger will be combined with Allison's TC10 transmission in a Class 8 tractor to demonstrate how the two technologies can work together to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

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VanDyne SuperTurbo Inc. and Allison Transmission Inc. have announced a collaboration to co-develop a vehicle demonstrator. The companies plan to leverage the unique performance benefits of VanDyne's mechanically driven turbocharger in combination with Allison's TC10 transmission in a Class 8 tractor. 

Through the deployment of advanced control techniques, the two technologies will maximize the benefits of engine downspeeding, efficient supercharging and turbo compounding. The primary objective of the collaboration is to demonstrate how these two products, when paired with an intelligently controlled vehicle, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.  

With an innovative design, the fully automatic TC10 combines Allison's torque converter with a unique twin countershaft gear scheme. This combination provides both full power shifts and cruising fuel economy for greater productivity and efficiency. The transmission is ideal for tractor applications and is extremely well-suited for distribution applications where the tractor-trailer splits its work cycle between city and highway conditions.  

The SuperTurbo utilizes a continuously variable transmission coupled with a high speed traction drive to control turbocharger speed and allow for bidirectional torque transfer. Key to the combination with the TC10 is the SuperTurbo's ability to supply on-demand boost pressure which allows the transmission to execute efficient shifts while maintaining beneficial air fuel ratios and high power levels.  

The SuperTurbo acts as a supercharger through transients, using a combination of turbine power and engine power to allow faster rises in engine torque and minimizing the need to run higher engine RPM. These capabilities are further enhanced with the benefits provided by the fully automatic TC10. Additionally, the new control strategy will incorporate predictive shifting with a more responsive engine due to the addition of the SuperTurbo.

Unlocking the full potential of engine downspeeding to maximize vehicle efficiency requires a systems approach. Allison and VanDyne launched the evaluation of this unique systems approach to engine downspeeding in 2015 and this first vehicle demonstrator is the next step in the process. The potential applications being evaluated include long haul, regional haul and city driving conditions.