Dana Signs Multi-Year Sales Agreement with Navistar

Dana has signed a multi-year sales agreement that will enable Navistar to access the full range of Dana's driveline products.

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Dana Incorporated announces that it has entered into a multi-year commercial sales agreement (CSA) with Navistar International Corporation for driveline components for on-highway, city-delivery, bus, and vocational vehicles. 

Through this agreement, Navistar has access to the full range of Dana's current driveline product offerings. Further, Dana will remain the standard-position driveshaft supplier across all Navistar truck models. Dana's products are some of the most lightweight, durable, reliable, and efficient technologies on the market today. This arrangement will also serve as a platform for collaboration on new technologies under development, bringing the two companies together to cultivate solutions that meet the specific needs of Navistar's customers and increasing industry standards.

In addition to this agreement, Navistar and Dana concurrently launched several extended warranty packages for Navistar's school bus platform and its Durastar medium-duty truck program. Spicer S140 Series and Spicer 060 Series axles, Spicer E-Series steer axles, and Spicer driveshafts are all available components covered under the International Durastar Powertrain Warranty program. Dana is also offering additional extended warranties on medium-duty truck and bus applications through the Dana Productivity and Dana Assurance packages. 

Along with these driveline solutions for medium-duty applications, Dana's industry-leading technologies for engine downspeeding are also available on a select offering of linehaul trucks from Navistar. Dana was first-to-market with a full-system solution to support engines running at lower rpms, generating higher torque stresses on the drivetrain. The company's robust and durable driveline package for downsped engines includes the Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle and SPL 350 driveshaft.

"At Navistar, our mission is to deliver reliable trucks and buses that maximize uptime for vehicle operators. We are also continuously working to exceed industry efficiency standards," says David McKean, Navistar Vice President, Global Procurement. "When it comes to technologies to help us reach these goals, Dana's leadership is evident in their breadth of innovative product offerings. This CSA is a testament to our partnership as we work together to present customers with high-performance, fuel-efficient, dependable vehicles for a wide range of applications."

"The trucking industry is being driven by increasingly stringent efficiency standards, while vehicle owners and operators require steadfast reliability and low cost of ownership," says Tim Farney, Vice President of Global Sales for Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies. "Vehicle manufacturers and critical component suppliers must collaborate to deliver an optimized blend of performance and dependability for all trucking applications. With support from 16 technology centers located around the world, Dana has the unique ability to leverage global engineering knowledge, processes, and technologies to serve any market."