Dana Exhibiting Range of Drive and Motion Systems for Agricultural Applications at Agritechnica 2017

Among the technologies on display will be Dana's Spicer OpTiMa rapid inflate/deflate central tire inflation system, now available for agricultural machinery.

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Dana Incorporated this week is demonstrating the company's leading market position as a Tier-One supplier of drive and motion systems for the agriculture industry at Agritechnica 2017.

Located in hall 16, stand F06, Dana is presenting Spicer drivetrain systems, including agricultural axle options, wheel and track drives, and hydrostatic transmissions, together with Brevini motion systems, including winches, hydraulic components, and electronic controls. 

Dana's innovative products improve the performance and efficiency of agriculture applications such as sprayers, tractors, telehandlers, combines, and harvesters. Dana's portfolio of advanced technologies have been engineered to support increased crop yields, optimized harvesting operations, lower emissions, improved operator safety and comfort, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Dana acquired the power-transmission and fluid power businesses of the former Brevini Group, S.p.A. in February 2017 and is now in a unique position to efficiently manage power conveyance from the vehicle's engine to its drivetrain, as well as from the engine to machine working functions.

"Off-highway equipment manufacturers continue to look for multiple strategies to further maximize vehicle performance, which is driving a need for systems integration and a wider portfolio of solutions," says Aziz Aghili, President of Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies. "Dana is leveraging its own decades-long experience in drive systems for the agriculture industry with the recently acquired hydraulic and electronic control expertise of the Brevini brand to deliver an expanded portfolio of highly engineered, innovative solutions for this market."

Leading Drivetrain Solutions for Agriculture

Dana has a wide portfolio of drivetrains and associated technologies for agriculture equipment and now features Spicer wheel and track drives with a wide range of maximum transmittable output torque values. Dana offers complete wheel drive packages as well as track drives with customized solutions that include hydraulic motors and components. Initially developed by the former Brevini Group, these technologies are now marketed under the Spicer brand name. Dana will continue to strengthen and expand these products through line extensions and further engineering enhancements.

Now available for pre-production testing by vehicle manufacturers, Dana's Spicer Smart Suite Intelligent Load Monitoring System (ILMS) has initially been targeted for telehandlers. This system uses patented and proprietary data-collecting technologies across the vehicle to prevent tip-over incidents, estimate static loads, and supply intelligent calibration management.

Spicer Smart Suite ILMS is designed to alert the operator of potential tipping situations, reduce the risk of vehicle breakdowns, improve productivity and precision, and enhance the long-term durability of powertrain systems. Production of the Spicer Smart Suite ILMS is anticipated for 2018.

Newly available to the agriculture market, the Spicer OpTiMa rapid inflate/deflate central tire inflation system offers distinct advantages over competing tire management systems on the market today. Engineered for use on Spicer axles as well as axles and transaxles from other manufacturers, this technology uses a robust, proprietary single-channel design. To increase equipment uptime, the system can perform adjustments from within the cab or remotely while the machine is moving. The pressure in each tire can be set independently to a different level. Additionally, the system's highly integrated design eliminates the need for vulnerable external piping around mud guards, and it can be packaged within existing overall axle dimensions without adding external components.

Additionally, Dana supplies a variety of Spicer axles to meet the unique needs of agricultural applications. Spicer modular axles are designed to provide flexibility in axle customization and meet specific local needs. Spicer portal axle technologies have been designed to accommodate smaller vehicles, equipping compact utility tractors with added traction, improved pulling power, and reduced noise. Independent front suspension axles from Dana deliver enhanced speed and operator comfort for open-field tractor applications up to 375 kW (500 hp) as well tractors with increased performance requirements.

Proven Power Conveyance for Machine Working Functions

Dana now supplies a comprehensive range of products to improve the maneuverability, efficiency, speed, and safety of work functions performed by agriculture equipment.

Designed to support work functions on both machines and their attachments, Brevini mobile technologies from Dana include a full range of electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic systems. These solutions operate congruently to ensure reliable and safe performance in a wide spectrum of applications.

Brevini hydraulic systems deliver reliable power through a combination of robust and efficient motors and pumps designed for both open and closed circuits. These products operate with smoothness and precision even at high pressure and low flow, as demonstrated by the recently introduced Brevini winch range with a nine-piston motor for hoisting applications.

Dana's line of Brevini mobile valves ranges from a simple, manually actuated design to a sophisticated, remote-operated, proportional configuration that optimizes the flow control of hydraulic fluid. Advanced mobile valves are supported by a top-of-the-line electronic control system incorporating inclinometers, leveling systems, sensors, and human machine interfaces powered by proprietary software.