Comer PGR 3800 and PG2300 Series Drives for Excavators

Comer's PGR 3800 and PG2300 series drives deliver high power density in a cost-effective package, and will be introduced at bauma 2019.

Comer Industries
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Comer Industries has introduced a line of purposely-built final and slew drives, specifically for the excavator market, which includes the PGR 3800 series final drive and PG2300 series slew drive.

  • For 18-23 ton range equipment
  • Delivers high power density in cost-effective package 
  • Wide range of ratios and pinions available
  • PGR 3800 series final drive can be equipped and supplied with 140 cc two-speed axial piston motor
  • Two-stage planetary PG2300 series slew drive, intended for 20-ton machine range, can be coupled with 160 cc plug-in slew motor
  • PG2300 series supplied as complete package or delivered as gearbox only
  • High-strength monolithic housings are capable of accepting hydraulic components of the motors while also withstanding high mechanical loads
  • Use of monolithic housings saves material, reduces weight, assembly time, cost and overall footprint 
  • Features alloy steel shafts and gears, spheroidal cast iron housings, and custom materials for output pinions for use in extreme climates
  • Variety of output options such as flange mounting, splined shaft, or integral pinion outputs and the ability to accept either hydraulic or electric motors is available to meet individual application requirements
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