SAE Seminar: Fundamentals of Heavy Truck Dynamics (December Session)

Learn how various systems interact to provide vehicle dynamics.

December 2, 2013
December 4, 2013
PNC Center, Suite 1600
755 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48084
United States

All critical systems and subsystems involved with vehicle dynamics will be covered in Fundamentals of Heavy Truck Dynamics. 

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to: 

  • Acquire an overall understanding of heavy truck dynamics, in theory and practice
  • Acquire and demonstrate knowledge of heavy truck ride engineering and the factors that affect it
  • Define the dynamics of various truck sub-systems and components that include tires, steering system and truck suspensions
  • Describe contemporary issues in heavy truck dynamics
  • Identify how sub-systems or components interact with other sub-systems to effect truck dynamics

Topics covered during the course include tire dynamics, suspension dynamics and kinematics, vibration sources and human body response to vehicle vibrations.

There will also be sessions held April 15 to 17 in Detroit, MI, and July 29 to 31 in Troy, MI.

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