Danfoss OSPE Electrohydraulic Steering Unit

Sauer-Danfoss has introduce its OSPE electrohydraulic steering unit which includes two steering modes and compliance with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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Sauer-Danfoss Inc.’s OSPE electrohydraulic steering unit incorporates a range of innovative features designed to meet stringent new safety legislation.

  • Features proven OSP steering technology and an integrated electrohydraulic steering valve
  • Helps simplify hydraulic system architecture
  • High level of integration minimizes need for additional components and provides OEMs with a complete package – designed, developed and tested for optimal performance
  • Includes selectable reactive and non-reactive steering modes, Load Sensing and Open Center options, and variable steering ratio 
  • Complies with safety demands of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and ISO 25119
  • Offers a defined ‘safe state’ which can isolate the electrohydraulic section of the steering valve in order to protect the steering system in the event of an electronic or hydraulic system
  • Use of an extra connection from the hydrostatic steering unit to the cylinder ensures that in electrohydraulic steering (non-reactive) mode the steering ports will not be blocked, keeping the steering wheel fully operational and driver in complete control
  • Selectable reactive and non-reactive steering modes ensure that vehicles will steer with a firm, automotive feel due to the unit’s ability to automatically return to center
  • Two steering modes enables reaction steering on vehicles with an auto-steering function
  • Second generation “reaction” technology, RM (Reaction Motoring), is available in Load Sensing or Open Center
  • RM technology significantly improves the self-centering effect of the steering system, which increases vehicle stability at high speeds and provides additional operator comfort
  • Allow fine tuning of steering performance through use of PVED-CL digital actuator and SASA steering sensor
  • PVED-CL digital actuator incorporates steering software optimized for tractors and articulated vehicles
  • SASA steering sensor detects absolute position and speed of steering wheel, allowing operator to adjust the number of times the steering wheel is turned, from stop-to-stop, to adapt steering performance to suit specific working requirements or driving conditions
  • Allows automatic adjustment of steering ratio dependent on speed of the vehicle
  • Use of ISOBUS auto-guide messages enables direct electric interface for GPS auto-steering systems, joysticks, electric mini-steering wheels, or quick steering for agriculture and construction vehicles


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