CASE CE Unveils Combined Steering for Graders

At bauma 2019, CASE CE introduced combined steering which integrates the industry-standard controls for the front wheel and frame articulation angle into one function.

Case 856 C Awd Grader (1)
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In an industry first, CASE unveiled patented combined steering functionality in its grader range. CASE has combined the industry-standard controls for the front wheel and frame articulation angle into one function, managed through either the joystick or the steering wheel. For those job sites that require tight turns in confined spaces, these two functions can be supplemented by the wheel lean function. At the touch of a button, operators can activate this functionality, making driving and grading tasks much easier. When not required, wheel lean function can be disconnected from the combined steering, leaving wheel steering angle and frame articulation moving simultaneously.

Antonio Strati, CASE Road Building Product Line Director, explains, “Precise control of the lean, steering and articulation angles are crucial for maximizing efficiencies when operating in restricted areas. But, while operators are concentrating on maneuvering the machine, they are spending less time navigating the site effectively and carrying out their grading tasks. This situation can lead to operator fatigue and reduced productivity.

“This unique development is the template for the next generation of graders. Combined steering automates the optimum position of all three steering components, simplifying the operator tasks, allowing for tighter turns and reducing transit times during non-operating intervals.

“As CASE is a customer-centric brand, our innovations are driven by the people who use our machines. We actively seek their feedback and use this to design the CASE machines of the future. Our focus is always to look for ways to make the operator’s job easier, more automated and safer. We’ve listened and responded through innovation, and operators will soon be able to focus on completing their grading jobs to the highest standard with more intuitive, easy-to-use controls.”

Combined steering is a unique technology that uses a network of angular sensors to provide steering feedback to the vehicle control unit. It can be activated when required and used in conjunction with variable steering ratios to adapt to site conditions.

“This innovation will be available on CASE graders throughout Europe from 2021 onwards, with bauma offering the perfect platform to display a key piece of CASE’s future output,” concludes Strati.