Hutchinson Beadlock Technology

Hutchinson's Beadlock technology ensures clamping of tire beads on the rim when tire pressure is lowered to achieve a wider footprint for increased mobility in harsh terrain.

Hutchinson 10056730

The Hutchinson Beadlock ensures the clamping of the tire beads on the rim at lowered or zero pressure to increase tire footprint.

  • Increases mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrain such as sand, mud or snow
  • Enhances traction and braking
  • Provides improved steering control
  • Ensures minimal chance of rollover caused by the unseating of the tire
  • Prevents foreign materials from entering tire
  • DOT-compliant and street-legal solution 
  • Enables use of the same tires over the road and off-road without compromising performance in either environment


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