Bridgestone Supplying Tires for Volta Zero Electric Truck

Bridgestone will supply tires for the Volta Zero launch vehicle as well as the pilot fleet of electric trucks.

Volta Trucks
2020 08 24 Voltazero Bridgestone
Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks, the Scandinavian start-up full-electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced a tire partnership with the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer, Bridgestone. The agreement covers the first launch vehicle, to be revealed at an online event on Thursday, September 3, and the supply of tires to the pilot vehicles that are due to start evaluation with fleet operators in early 2021. 

Large logistics fleet operators have already signed-up to trial the Volta Zero, including DPD Group in the UK and Bring and Posten in Scandinavia, with orders also already being taken for the vehicle in both markets.

Bridgestone have supplied the Volta Zero with its 285/70R19.5 146/144M R-Steer 002 tire for both front and rear axles. The tire’s steer pattern delivers an optimum performance for high-torque full-electric vehicles and thanks to its ribbed design tread pattern, the R-Steer tire also offers significant tire noise reduction. This is an important attribute for the Volta Zero that is designed predominantly for inner city usage, with its silent full-electric powertrain enabling it to operate in urban areas 24 hours a day, even with the most stringent noise pollution regulations.

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Confirming the partnership, Andrea Manenti, Vice President, North Region of Bridgestone, says, “The transportation industry is in rapid transformation and vehicles are becoming more and more CASE - connected, autonomous, shared and electric. We are proud to partner with Volta Trucks, an exciting new manufacturer of electric vehicles, as their demonstrator fleet of the Volta Zero hits the road for the first time.

As a business, Bridgestone is committed to working with key partners in contributing to the future of mobility and creating new value for society. The work that we’re doing alongside Volta Trucks is exactly that.”

Rob Fowler, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, concludes, “I’m delighted that Volta Trucks is partnering with Bridgestone for the supply of tires to our launch and demonstrator fleet vehicles. As the manufacturer of the world’s first purpose-built full-electric large commercial vehicle, we are pioneering in the electrification of commercial vehicles and I am pleased to work with an innovative and world-renowned tire company like Bridgestone who can help support our early ambitions.”

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