BKT Offers Wide Range of OTR Tires for Wheel Loaders

BKT's line of Earthmax tires for wheel loaders are available with various features for operation in several different types of environments including snow, ice and scattered terrains.

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BKT has shaped an entire product range for OTR loaders. A tire lineup conceived to face the challenges on the most differing terrains – from snowy and icy surfaces to muddy and rocky ones at quarries and mines. A comprehensive range of products featuring extraordinary traction performance, strength, resistance and safety to safeguard operators at work and to significantly enhance driving comfort.

Snow and ice Earthmax SR 22

For snowy and icy terrains, the all-steel radial tire Earthmax SR 22 perfectly satisfies all needs in terms of grip, adherence and braking response under any conditions. Outstanding traction and extraordinary stability on slippery surfaces due to rain or snow are its distinctive features thanks to the large non-directional tread design. Available in sizes 14.00 R 24, 17.5 R 25 and 20.5 R 25. 

Even surfaces

Ideal for even surfaces is Earthmax SR 31, a radial tire with multi-ply steel belts, providing both extraordinary strength and stability. Traction as well as cut and heat resistance ensure major productivity during loading and material transport operations. Available in three different sizes 23.5 R 25, 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25.

The same features shows Earthmax SR 41 made of BKT’s latest-generation compounds providing first-rate performance and a long tire life. The profile is completed by its extra-deep, L-4-class tread, which is increased by 50% compared to standard. It is available in sizes 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25. 

Scattered terrains

For scattered terrains, where debris of several nature is pervasive, Earthmax SR 31 and Earthmax SR 41 are definitely perfect tires. For these sorts of surfaces, also Earthmax SR 30 is an ideal solution suitable for particularly tough operating conditions, since its multi-ply steel belts along with the rigid block design provide excellent traction, stability, and durability. The special tread compound, which has been specifically developed by BKT, enables the tire to withstand cuts and abrasions as well as to dissipate the heat created during the loaders’ operations. Earthmax SR 30 is available in sizes 15.5 R 25, 17.5 R 25, 20.5 R 25, 23.5 R 25, 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25.                        

Mud and earth

On muddy and earthy surfaces, Earthmax SR 30, Earthmax SR 49 and Earthmax SR 49 M are main players. Earthmax SR 49 dominates in tough environments such as mines, where traction is an essential factor. Besides, it is a sturdy, cut-and-chip resistant and highly performing tire. Available on the market in size 35/65 R 33. Earthmax SR 49 M, instead, is remarkably suitable for critical operations whenever extraordinary traction performance is required. Available in size 29.5 R 29.

Developed for this kind of surfaces are also Earthmax SR 50 and Earthmax SR 51. Earthmax SR 50’s distinctive trait is its aggressive, L-5-class tread, i.e. increased by 150% compared to standard. The result is a longer tire life-cycle and steady resistance to numerous obstacles one can find on sites with muddy terrains and earthy surfaces. Thanks to its particular robustness and the extraordinary lateral stability, this tire is ideal for loading and leveling operations. It is available in sizes 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25.

Earthmax SR 51 features the same tread depth. As a main player in OTR environments, it is suitable for extreme conditions, since it is made of a special cut-resistant compound and has a special square shoulder shape facilitating the ejection of foreign matters. Available in not less than four sizes: 17.5 R 25, 20.5 R 25, 23.5 R 25 e 29.5 R 29.

Rocky terrains

Earthmax SR 49, Earthmax SR 49 M, Earthmax SR 50 and Earthmax SR 51 are top solutions for rocky terrains in quarries and mines in addition to muddy surfaces - with the first two featuring an L-4 tread depth and L-5 the latter two. Earthmax SR 43, instead, ensures excellent performance for open-cast mining applications. Its reinforced sidewall reduces damages caused by rubbing against blocks and rocks, whereas its self-cleaning properties provide protection against stones and debris. Available on the market in size 29.5 R 29. Last but not least, also Earthmax SR 53 is a perfect loader tire for operations in rocky environments. 


For recycling operations putting to the test the tires fitted on earthmoving equipment, BKT suggests Earthmax SR 43 and Earthmax SR 53. The latter is also suitable for rocky and underground mining applications, particularly harsh environments, where debris, stones or foreign matters can be found. The special compound along with an L-5-class tread and excellent self-cleaning properties ensure a long and profitable operating life. Available in five different sizes: 17.5 R 25, 20.5 R 25, 23.5 R 25, 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25.

Underground mines

For the mining sector, the top-of-the-range product is undoubtedly Earthmax SR 55 that perfectly combines all features necessary for both recycling and underground mining operations. The tread of class L-5S, i.e. extra-deep and of smooth surface, ensures extraordinary peaks in productivity as well as less machine downtime. Stability and comfortable driving are qualities every operator will certainly appreciate. To date available in five different sizes: 12.00 R 24, 17.5 R 25, 18.00 R 25, 26.5 R 25, 29.5 R 25 as well as 29.5 R 29. Earthmax SR 55

Loaders are important types of machinery in the OTR sector, since they perform heavy operations on any type of terrain, over long paths, and for a large number of hours of continuous operation. Loaders have to face different conditions and operations. Hence, specific and customized tires are needed as a response to such complex requirements.

Research in always more advanced solutions and results is BKT’s main goal. The company studies in detail every single application, usage condition as well as the diversity of the terrain, in order to provide precise and cutting-edge technological products that are able to satisfy all user needs.