BKT Tires Earthmax SR 51 Non-Directional Tire

BKT introduced its Earthmax SR 51 non-directional tire with a class L-5 tread compound to expel stones for reduced puncturing at INTERMAT 2015.

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BKT has released three new Earthmax radial tires, including the Earthmax SR 51 non-directional tire. 

  • Reinforced and resistant all-steel casing with rigid, non-directional blocks fosters better load distribution on the ground
  • For loaders that operate in quarries and mines
  • Available sizes include the 20.5 R 25
  • Demonstrates excellent forward and backward performance
  • Well suited for digging and loading
  • Squared shoulder design ensures long life expectancy
  • Class L-5 special tread compound expels stones laterally, significantly reducing the risk of puncture


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