Bridgestone Exhibiting Range of Tires and Solutions at bauma 2019

Bridgestone will exhibit several new tire products, including a 4 m tall tire.

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Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire and rubber company, is returning to bauma, the world’s leading trade fair for the construction and mining markets, to present a selection from the premium and innovative range of tires, industrial products and targeted solutions that they have developed specially for the industry.  

Bridgestone is committed to support customers by identifying and solving the challenges they face every day. In a business and world in rapid transformation, Bridgestone is pioneering new products and digital solutions to respond to fleets, Original Equipment Manufacturers and key customers’ needs for convenient, sustainable and efficient solutions while helping shape the future of mobility.


Bridgestone is renowned for producing premium quality tires for everything from bicycles to aircraft, including the world’s largest mining trucks. One of these 4 m tall tires, the largest in the world, will be on display at the Bridgestone stand. It will be joined by a number of other tires, including brand-new products:

VSDL Loader tire 33/65R29 – The first wheeled-loader tire to combine the benefits of the super-wide-base 65 series with the deep Bridgestone VSDL tread pattern, it delivers a new level of dynamic stability and low ground pressure, while retaining the resistance to cuts and damage.

VLTS Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) tire – Only recently launched, this tire was specifically developed for the 60t ADT from Volvo Construction Equipment. The tread is even deeper than the VLT E3 tire, delivering truly incredible traction as well as the strength and reliability Bridgestone is famous for.

Other tires that are to be displayed will represent the highly varied range of tires Bridgestone provides for construction machinery and construction vehicles, building-material machines, mining machines, and other construction equipment. However, as a partner to all major OEMS, Bridgestone tires will also be present on an extensive array of machinery and equipment to be found throughout bauma.

Industrial products

Bridgestone has been instrumental in meeting other industrial requirements for rubber products in the construction industries. The stand will present rubber tracks, pads, hydraulic hose, cabin and engine mounts. Thanks to its extensive R&D, design and testing resources, Bridgestone offers a wide and high quality product portfolio to meet OEMs' construction industry requirements.

There will also be technology on show that falls under the Firestone brand.

Firestone Airmount – This air spring is adjustable. This allows users to meet the demands of loads that range in weight by hundreds or thousands of kilos, and to maintain a level surface even as loads shift. They offer excellent vibration isolation.

Firestone Marsh Mellow – Marsh Mellow fabric-reinforced rubber cylinders are virtually indestructible, do not need to be inflated with air and still protect systems from the effects of structurally transmitted vibrations. They are perfectly suited for use on equipment such as vibrating screens, acting as passive isolators at a standard beyond that of steel springs.

Technical experts and application engineers will be present at Booth 218 to explain and discuss how these technologies function reliably and durably in driver cabins, engines and other industrial devices, outperforming pneumatic and hydraulic solutions, even when put under the most challenging conditions.

The expansive selection of industrial products being displayed by Bridgestone and Firestone will be demonstrative of the high-quality tools they produce.


Of course, business success relies on more than high performance tires and targeted industrial tools. Bridgestone has developed digital solutions that maximize the potential of these products, making the most of the digital technology that is being increasingly integrated into vehicles and machinery to increase productivity, decrease downtime, maximize operational potential and minimize the risks to personal safety. Part of the Total Tire Care approach, two specific solutions will be presented at bauma:

Tirematics TPMS – The first tire pressure monitoring system to focus primarily on fleet pressure measurements for individual machines. It stops vehicles from running on under-inflated tires, a trend that almost all fleets are guilty of. Automated pressure checks identify what work is needed without the interruptions and downtime that result from physical checks or damage to under-inflated tires.

FleetPulse – A cutting-edge mobile and web application designed to help fleet customers maximize the health and performance of vehicles, while improving uptime and reducing total cost of ownership and digitizing operations. At the same time, FleetPulse helps in reaching the high compliance and safety standards required in the industrial world.

FleetPulse consists of vehicle checklists that the driver performs, tire-pressure measurements performed by Tirematics technology and scheduling to resolve defects, as arranged by the Fleet or Maintenance Manager.

The data FleetPulse gathers is consolidated to offer insights into the operation of a fleet, ranging from validation of maintenance/repairs to data extraction to ensure compliance.