Camso MST 776 Underground Mining Tire for Load Haul Dumpers

Camso's MST 776 underground mining tire features a smooth, extra deep tread and puncture resistance for an improved lifespan.

C Otire Mst 776 Side Edit Rgb Marked 589a21208e004
L Camso Horiz RGB 559ae69450698

Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, has unveiled the MST 776, its most advanced underground mining tire for load haul dump (LHD) equipment.

  • Provides superior hard surface durability
  • Engineered to maximize tread life while protecting from puncture
  • Features smooth, extra deep L5 tread pattern
  • Amplified contact surface greatly improves traction and minimizes tire slippage
  • Premium rubber compound ensures resistance against tread and sidewall wear and cuts, and reduces carcass heat build-up
  • Impact guard sidewall design deflects debris for better sidewall protection while reducing stress cracking
  • Rim guard protector shields wheel for extended life and constant inflation
  • Higher tread depth and advanced compounds produce 15% better life and 2% better heat resistance than industry benchmark


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