The MICHELIN XTRA LOADPROTECT tire is designed for use in hard, sharp and abrasive conditions on flat, dry surfaces.

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Michelin Earthmover introduces the MICHELIN XTRA LOADPROTECT tire, part of its range of next generation MICHELIN XTRA LOAD “3-star” 24.00R35 size rigid dump truck (RDT) tires.

  • Allows users to increase load capacity or accommodate faster speeds to maximize productivity    
  • For hard, sharp, abrasive conditions on flat, dry surfaces, where the priority is protection and damage resistance
  • Designed for customers who want to carry more load and increase distances they carry every hour
  • Highly protective and damage-resistant tread pattern contributes to better load distribution across contact patch
  • Interlocking blocks and improved heat dissipation reduces temperature in tread area by up to 17 degrees
  • Replaces Michelin X QUARRY S and X HAUL tires 
  • TMPH is increased by at least 14% in A4 compound and 42% for B compound when compared against previous Michelin ranges
  • Extended load and speed capability enables users to optimize machine cycles and increase productivity
  • Greater volume of tread rubber in contact with the ground contributes to better load distribution, improved wear resistance and increased life 
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