Yokohama Tire RB42 E-4 Radial Rigid Frame Haul Truck Tire

Yokohama's RB42 33.00R51 E-4 radial tire is available in multiple compounds including CP (cut-protected) and REG (regular).

Yokohama Rb42

Yokohama Tire’s RB42 33.00R51 E-4 radial tire for various rigid frame haul truck applications is now available in multiple compounds – CP (cut-protected) and REG (regular) – so the tires can be customized for specific applications. 

  • Other sizes are also offered in multiple compounds
  • Also available with CP-S (special cut resistance) and HR (heat resistant) compounds
  • Designed to work on soft and/or loose surfaces such as mud, sand, gravel and rocks
  • Features extremely durable casing with steel cord belts that guard against tread punctures and buttress side protection to help prevent snags and cuts 
  • Available in sizes 18.00R33 (CP and HR), 24.00R35 (CP, CP-S, REG and HR) and 27.00R49 (CP, CP-S, REG and HR)
  • Improves traction on muddy and rocky surfaces due to zig-zag groove pattern 
  • Offers increased resistance to cuts
  • Superior overall wear via large center blocks featuring a nondirectional pattern

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