Goodyear EMTrack OTR Tire Performance Monitoring System

Goodyear's enhanced EMTrack OTR tire performance monitoring system enables more accurate tire data collection and real-time reporting.

New Em Track Field

To help optimize the performance of tires in mining, construction and other heavy-duty industries, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has launched an enhanced version of its EMTrack OTR tire monitoring system.

  • Enables faster, even more accurate collection of critical tire data like tread depth, inflation levels and other indicators
  • Provides convenient, cloud-based data storage and more robust reporting capabilities due to the addition of newly introduced EMTrack App
  • Fleet survey performed using special EMTrack scanning tool to capture tire inflation, tread depth and other critical measurements
  • Tire performance data is automatically uploaded via Bluetooth to cloud-based platform for password-protected storage and easy access
  • Users download data into easy-to-read, customizable reports that show tire performance
  • Through EMTrack App users can view collected tire data and reports simultaneously and in real time, regardless of their geographic location
  • Enables users to view performance data for tires across operation
  • Can zero in on specific tires, calculating cost-per-hour, cost-per-ton and other key metrics
  • Helps users identify, if applicable, maintenance opportunities to help ensure optimal tire performance
  • Collected information can help in forecasting future tire requirements
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