Nokian Ground King Tire

At Agritechnica 2019, Nokian will premiere the Ground King tire which offers all-terrain mobility for multi-use agricultural machinery.

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Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces the Nokian Ground King tire for multi-use machinery. 

  • Offers on-road endurance, traction and grip on soft terrain, and high load-bearing capacity 
  • Features Hybrilug technology which combines best features of lug and block type patterns
  • All-terrain mobility helps improve versatility of multi-purpose machines
  • High-strength structure is stable under heavy loads
  • High-grade, wear-resistant tread compound in Hybrilug technology, together with extended ground contact, lengthens operating life
  • Provides comfort and self-cleaning abilities
  • Available in Farm and Utility Tractor tire sizes 

Graphical depiction of the Hybrilug tread technology.Graphical depiction of the Hybrilug tread technology.

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