GKN Wheels Infini-Forge Multi-Piece Wheel Range

The Infini-Forge multi-piece wheel range from GKN Wheels is manufactured through a hot induction forming process that provides it a 50% longer lifespan.

Gkn Wheels Infini Forge
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GKN Wheels introduces its Infini-Forge multi-piece wheel range which delivers a number of benefits for the original equipment manufacturer, operator and maintainer.

  • Manufactured through hot induction forming (HIF) process
  • Designed specifically for high load-bearing vehicles and high-pressure tires
  • Achieves 50% longer lifespan than conventionally manufactured multi-piece wheels
  • Material is placed during manufacturing process where it is needed (and taken out where it is not), leading to an increase in rim strength
  • Main contact areas are machined at the end of the process, guaranteeing a 100% round wheel with perfect stress distribution
  • Contact points between wheel and tire bead are perfectly smooth
  • Rim design features extended flanges to further protect the tire
  • Powder coat surface finish applied through electro-coat process guarantees  complete coverage of every part of the surface
  • Typical applications include reach stackers, AGVs and underground mining vehicles, as well as airport tow/tug tractors and mobile cranes
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