Galileo CupWheel Tire Available for Order

The Galileo CupWheel tire combines the advantages of radial tires and rubber tracks, and is available for agricultural as well as construction equipment applications.

Galileo Cup Wheel Claas Tractor
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The CupWheel tire technology by the Israeli company Galileo Wheel Ltd. is now ready to order after successfully passing field and OE tests. The innovative agriculture, construction and industry tires set new standards in tire design, efficiency, energy saving and traction. The unique design combines the advantages of radial off-road tires and rubber tracks on a standard rim. In April, the company presented its CupWheel Technology (CW) at bauma. In November, it will present the tires at Agritechnica, the world's largest agricultural technology trade fair, in Hanover.

The tires enable better load distribution, less soil compaction and improved lateral stability, are more efficient on difficult terrain, and better in terms of driving performance and fuel consumption.

Sizes which can be ordered now:


  • 600/65CW28
  • 710/70CW38
  • 710/70CW42


  • 10CW16.5 IND/35 Industrial
  • 12CW16.5 IND/15 Agriculture

"We are very proud that our customers can now order the tires," says Alon Hayka, CEO of Galileo Wheel Ltd. "The industry has greatly evolved in the past decade. GPS Automized driving for example is a major technological jump. Nonetheless, the mobility field is underdeveloped. The CupWheel is the first technological shift that handles mobility. Farmers can get more productivity and yields while achieving less soil compaction. Not to mention that the machines also benefit from the softer ride. It is possible to change to our tires at any time as they can be mounted on every existing rim – without any adjustments to the vehicle."

The CupWheel tires lower costs, increases yield and the ease of use of agricultural, construction and industrial equipment. The tread life is extended by the new design and inner sidewall construction. The self-cleaning feature optimizes grip and productivity. It can also be driven at zero bar air pressure (integrated run-flat capability). This means that the machines can continue to be used even in the event of a puncture.