Continental VF Agricultural Tires

Continental's VF agricultural tires feature flexible and robust sidewalls which make numerous tire pressure adjustments redundant.

Continental Vf Tire Range
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Continental presents its Very High Flexion (VF) technology for the TractorMaster and CombineMaster agricultural tires.

  • Optimized belt and bead geometry provides highly flexible sidewalls which maintain tire's durability and directional stability at a high level in the event of reduced air pressure or high load
  • Supports farmers in their varied duties and allows them to save time and fuel,
  • Helps avoid damaging compaction of the soil
  • Eliminates time-consuming tire pressure adjustments
  • Increased flexibility delivers constant carrying capacity at all speeds and allows tire pressure to be reduced for the same performance relative to standard tires
  • Provides same payload at 40% less tire pressure relative to standard tires
  • Delivers 40% higher pay load at top speed at the same tire pressure than standard tires
  • Larger, more flexible bead profile and smaller apex improves deflection of tire and reduces stress level to ensure longer lifespan
  • Belt and shoulder area are larger and stiffer to lower the risk of deformation and damage
  • N.flex patented carcass material is flexible enough to absorb an impact and return to original form, guaranteeing endurance and rounder tires for a comfortable ride
  • Available in three tires: VF TractorMaster Hybrid, VF TractorMaster and VF CombineMaster
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