Continental CombineMaster Series Tires

Continental's CombineMaster tires are now available in more sizes and with VF technology.

Continental Combine Master On Harvester Moving Dirty 2019
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Continental has expanded its CombineMaster tire series for combine harvesters by adding 10 more sizes, including a VF version. 

  • Both versions feature patented N.flex technology and innovative d.fine lug technology which provides good flexibility with low vibration on the carcass and high resistance to wear and tear 
  • Offers high core strength due to HexaBead core technology
  • Hexagonal core allows carcass material to wrap itself around the core better, improving power transmission
  • HexaCore design ensures maximum load capacity of the carcass and ensures high torque from rim to tire 
  • VF CombineMaster is equipped with VF (very high flexion) technology which allows the tire to be used with reduced air pressure to protect both the tire and the soil
  • Rectangular core of VF tire ensures high deflection of the sidewall
  • VF tires provide a constant load capacity at all speeds and, compared to standard tires 
  • Available CombineMaster sizes include 0620224 650/75R32 CHO 172A8/172B Co/M, 0620225 680/85R32 CHO 179A8/179B Co/M, 0620226 800/70R32 CHO 181A8/181B Co/M, 0620229 900/60R32 CHO 181A8/181B Co/M, and 0620230 900/60R38 CHO 181A8/181B Co/M 
  • VF CombineMaster sizes are 0620231 VF 500/85R24 CFO 167A8/B Co/M, 0620232 VF 500/85R30 CFO 170A8/B Co/M, 0620233 VF 600/65R28 CFO 163A8/B Co/M, 0620237 VF 620/70R26 CFO 173A8/B Co/M, and 0620238 VF 750/65R26 CFO 177A8/B Co/M
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