MAXAM Large Mining Series Tires

MAXAM offers its Large Mining series tires in three tread patterns to meet specific application requirements.

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MAXAM Tire announces the expansion of the Large Mining series to their broad range of specialty tire programs.

  • Includes haulage tires MS401, MS402, and MS403
  • Utilizes newly developed compounding and carcass construction
  • Available for haul trucks up to 320 tons
  • Three tread patterns available in multiple compounds based on site TKPH/TMPH to meet different surface mine application requirements
  • MS401 features aggressive tread design with heat-resistant under tread, and is suited for applications that require maximum traction and high site TKPH/TMPH
  • MS402 features enhanced shoulder lugs and a solid centerline providing increased protection, traction and tread life in haulage applications
  • MS403 integrates advanced tread design for flexibility in all applications, from smooth haul roads to rough and rocky terrain
  • MS403 is designed to deliver lowest cost per hour/ton
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