The BKT LIFTMAX LM 63 tire features low rolling resistance and reduced vibrations to provide a more productive and comfortable ride.

Bkt Liftmax Lm 63 P20 100
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BKT launches the LIFTMAX LM 63 tire designed to fit tractors for industrial and logistical use or which are deployed at ports and airports. 

  • Features low rolling resistance, reduced vibrations
  • Provides good stability and more comfortable drive
  • All-steel casing equipped with multilayer steel belts
  • Resistance to punctures, and wear and tear
  • Offers high level of productivity, improved mileage and helps reduce fuel consumption
  • Available in two different sizes: 6.00 R 9 and 8.25 R 15 with more sizes to come

Bkt L Iftmax Lm63

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