Yokohama Galaxy LHD 510 SDS Traction Tire

The Yokohama solid Galaxy traction tire combines grip and endurance on transfer station loaders.

Galaxy Lhd 510 Sds 30 View

The Yokohama Off-Highway Tires  Galaxy LHD 510 SDS (Severe Duty Solid) is built for long service delivering traction indoors and out.

  • Features deep shoulder grooves connected across the tread face by S-lug channels and rugged chip- and -chunk-resistant compound
  • Traction tire designed to provide more grip in varying conditions than smooth tires
  • Deep grooves define massive tread blocks that bite through water or mud
  • Continuous S-lug channels create a horizontal pattern across the entire tread surface to ensure maximum traction, preventing the tire from spinning on wet surfaces
  • Includes a unique zig-zag pattern on either side of the centerline channels which push water away from the contact patch to ensure good rubber-to-ground contact
  • Inch after inch of solid , extra-durable compound delivers long service life
  • Creel bead wires across the entire rim area
  • Maintains tight, uniform contact with the entire surface of the rim to turn the loader's torque into action, not rim slip
  • Available in the 20.5-25, 23.5-25, 26.5-25 and 29.5-29 sizes that are most common on wheel loaders
  • Designed with apertures for heat dissipation and cushion against external shocks

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