Mitas CR Series Crane Radial Tires

The CR Series tires are constructed to provide higher resistance against punctures, ensuring durability in on- and off-road applications.

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Mitas, a Trelleborg brand, presents the CR Series tires for use by mobile cranes.

  • Built with an all-steel radial construction
  • Designed for maximum performance on- and off-road 
  • Features improved rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption
  • Unique tread design delivers increased tire life
  • Advanced construction provides higher resistance against punctures
  • Suitable for retreading
  • On-road benefits include high speed capability of up to 55 mph, improved operator comfort due to reduced noise and precise handling
  • Approved for M + S specified tires and suitable for winter applications
  • Off-road use enhanced by deep tread pattern for improved traction and grip
  • Good self-cleaning properties
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