E-READY Tires for Electric Vehicles

BKT now features tires suitable for EVs using advanced technologies.

Bkt E Ready Logo
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The logo that officially kicks off the BKT tire family specifically tailored for electric vehicles (EVs) was unveiled just a few weeks ago at SIMA. E-READY specification is the beginning of a path toward solutions suitable for electric mobility. It also underscores BKT's commitment to sustainability. By stylizing the new logo, BKT seeks to showcase its aptitude for anticipating market needs through the robustness of its advanced technology.

How does a tire intended for an electric vehicle differ from a conventional one? There are many differences. Trials and field tests have revealed that, to equip an electric vehicle, designers will have to consider several factors that characterize electric mobility including:

  • Weight
  • Engine structure
  • Range
  • Noise
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