CHO Tires

At Agritechnica 2013, Mitas will introduce five new sizes to its line of CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation) tires.

Mitas Chotire 11210861
Mitaslogo 10917787

Mitas introduces its range extension of CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation) tires, which will include five sizes of CHO under the Continental and Mitas brands.

  • Well suited for large combine harvesters
  • Capable of higher maximum loads than more conventional tires
  • Permits higher yields through gentler ground handling in the field and more comfort on the road
  • Offers maximum load capacity and minimum inflation pressure during cyclic harvest operation
  • Provides good driving stability in road application
  • Uses standard rims
  • Larger footprint reduces soil compaction 
  • Fulfils all legal requirements (limited vehicle width)
  • Added sizes include 900/70R32 CHO 182A8/179B, 680/85R32 CHO 178A8/175B, 800/70R38 CHO 178D/181A8, 900/60R32 CHO 176A8/173B, and 900/60R38 CHO 178D/181A8
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