HC 70 Agricultural Tires

The HC 70 tires from Mitas, displayed at Agritechnica 2013, are designed for tractors up to 180 hp.

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The HC 70 from Mitas is an agricultural tire representing a new approach to the 70 profile segment, bringing to the market a high-performance tire developed for tractors of up to 180 hp.

  • Offers improved load capacity, gentler ground handling and driving comfort
  • Provides adaptability, making it suitable for use in a wide range of operating conditions
  • Pressure can be reduced by 0.3 bar for field operations without losing standard load capacity
  • Reducing tire pressure reduces footprint depth for improved fuel consumption
  • Making footprint just 1 cm shallower can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10%
  • Provides 14% higher load capacity than the standard 70 profile tires at the same pressure for on-road use
  • Allows maximum speed of 65 km/h
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