Forest King TRS2 Tire

Nokian introduces its Forest King TRS2 tire that can be used with or without tracks, and is robustly designed to survive in harsh operating conditions.

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The Nokian Forest King TRS2 has been designed to serve its driver even under the toughest conditions, and to provide no surprises.

  • Can be used either with or without tracks
  • Sharper shoulders and improved rib structure enhance lateral grip
  • Super Shovel ribs improve grip and provide added support for tracks
  • Keeps track links straight on surface of tire 
  • Wider tread surface provides good lateral grip and significantly reduces pressure towards ground
  • Delivers more reliable behavior during vehicle operation and does not compact ground unnecessarily
  • Increased material thickness on tire shoulders and raising bottom tire groove? provides improved puncture protection for the areas between the ribs, which offer additional grip between the track and tire
  • Straightened sides add puncture and cut protection, preventing objects that rise up from the sides of the path from hitting the tire
  • Suited for forestry machines and harvesters up to 15 tons
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