RL45 and RL51 Radial Tires

Yokohama's RL45 and RL51 OTR radial tires featuring advanced tread compositions for improved durability and lifespan will be introduced at CONEXPO 2014.

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Yokohama Tire Corporation is unveiling two off-the-road (OTR) radial tires, the RL45 and RL51.  

  • Durable and longer lasting tread
  • High turn-up carcass construction protects against exterior damage with greater lateral stiffness for better riding comfort, as well as added defense against sidewall cuts
  • Buttress side protection offers prevention against outside damage, and reduces sidewall snags and cuts with thicker rubber on the upper sidewall and shoulder
  • Non-directional block pattern offers traction and stability – same performance in forward and reverse – as well as abrasion- and cut-resistance on rock and gravel surfaces
  • Flexible OTR belt wire creates tough, multi-layer cross-ply steel belt package to improve durability
  • High-shore hardness rubber bead filler offers strong twist stiffness for longer life
  • RL45 E-4 is made for articulated dump trucks and scrapers, and L-4 version for front-end loaders
  • Available in size 26.5R25
  • Advanced tread composition provides improved wear, low-heat generation and cut-resistance while zigzag-shaped groove provides better traction on rock and gravel surfaces
  • Includes more lug which is uniquely angled to provide longer wear and more stability
  • RL51 L-5 is designed for front-end loaders and graders, and is well suited for high-cut uses
  • Available in size 23.5R25
  • RT41 E-4 with CPUG (cut protective underground) tread compound for articulated dump trucks and scrapers also available
  • CPUG compound was specially developed for underground usage and helps increase life of tire, offering protection from cuts, punctures and wear
  • Constructed with four steel belts to resist punctures and add stability, and features buttress side protection, which prevents sidewall damage
  • Available in three sizes: 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25
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