eMembrane Hybrid Tire

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One tire, two profiles. eMembrane is a smart hybrid tire that changes its internal structure and its profile to suit one’s driving mode, whether performance driving or regular city driving. A distinguishing feature of eMembrane is its capability to transform the tire profile through internal structural changes in accordance with different driving conditions. 

eMembrane’s tread design also adds to its innovation. For instance, for high-speed driving, the tire’s tread center extends to generate maximum ground friction through a wider ground contact area. This maximizes grip for dynamic cornering. For low-speed driving, the tread has a minimal road-contact area and encounters minimal ground friction. Fuel efficiency is thus enhanced through a reduction of rolling resistance. An LED system is attached the tire’s sidewall to signal the changes in eMembrane’s driving modes.

In addition, the tread is made with soft urethane to allow free shape changing. In the tire’s inner layer, shape-memory alloy allows the change in profile shape with electrical currents. eMembrane can achieve the contrasting roles of being both ‘eco-friendly’ and allowing one to drive with ‘dynamic’ performance.

Ho Kyung Oh
Hankook Tire Co. Ltd.

Scott Lenkowsky
University of Cincinnati

Contact: Su-jin Son, [email protected]