TM150 Very High Flexion Sprayer Tire

The Trelleborg TM150 sprayer tire utilizes Very High Flexion technology to carry increased equipment loads while minimizing soil compaction.

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Trelleborg extends its offering for self-propelled sprayers with the launch of the first size of TM150 tire developed according to BlueTire technology, the VF 380/90R46 173D.

  • Features Very High Flexion tire technology to carry up to 14,300 lbs. at 40 mph
  • Carries up to 40% more load at the same tire pressure as conventional tires or allows inflation of the tire with 40% less pressure while carrying the same load
  • Helps minimize ruts and decrease soil compaction
  • Ensures a footprint 5 to 8% wider than standard series
  • Tread pattern prevents stubble damage and improves road performance, even at high speeds (D rated – 40 mph)
  • Features wide lugs to increase tire stiffness when the machine is loaded and a sharp head to maximize grip
  • Large and rounded shoulder increases stability of the vehicle when its booms are extended
  • Can be fitted on different rim dimensions




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