Mitas AirCell Inner Tire

Mitas' AirCell is an inner tire which allows fast inflation and deflation of agricultural tires to help farmers save time when changing tire pressures.

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Mitas introduces AirCell, a unique inner tire that enables the inflation of large agricultural tires by +/- 1 bar (from 0.8 bar to 1.8 bar). Mitas developed AirCell in cooperation with Fendt (marketing it as VarioGrip Pro).  

  • Enables tire inflation within just half a minute, more than 10 times faster than the current method of inflation
  • Allows farmers and contractors who need to change pressures quickly from low inflation during field work to higher pressure for better fuel efficiency during on-road transportation and vice versa
  • Located on the rim inside the tire and occupies about 30% of the volume of the tire
  • Designed for the Mitas 710/75 R42 SFT and 710/70 R42 SFT with other sizes to follow
  • Continuously inflated to a maximum of 8 bar during tire use
  • Releases some of the pressure on-demand, enabling a rapid increase of pressure into the agricultural tire itself and adjusting the pressure in seconds rather than minutes 
  • Provides synergies for the integration of tire inflation systems into the complex structure of high-tech tractors
  • Helps to release the pressure just as fast again as the volume of the outer tire is reduced by up to 30%
  • Does not create any additional friction or heating as it does not come in contact with the tire itself
  • Made from sturdy rubberized materials that retain shape even when inflated to high pressures so the volume of the outer tire does not depend on the inflation of AirCell
  • Mountable on standard tractor rims using standard tools


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