Goodyear Endurance RSA Truck Tire

The Goodyear Endurance RSA truck tire provides low rolling resistance and resistance to curb impact damage.

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The latest tire in Goodyear’s Endurance truck tire line, the Goodyear Endurance RSA, offers a range of benefits to fleets which split their time between highway and city driving. 

  • Benefits include long miles to removal and traction to fuel efficiency and retreadability
  • Offers lower rolling resistance and more resistance to curb impact damage than its predecessor, the Goodyear G661 HSA
  • Goodyear IntelliMax Rib Technology, with contoured sipes for tread stiffness when the tire rolls through its footprint, helps provide regular wear and high mileage potential, plus optimal snow and ice grip
  • Innovative tread design boasts computer-optimized footprint and 22/32-in. tread depth for excellent mileage
  • Goodyear steel casing with super-tensile steel belts provide extra toughness and durability
  • Dual-layer tread compound improves fuel economy and greenhouse gas compliance
  • Premium casing ensures optimal retreadability
  • Available in 11 sizes, starting with 11R22.5, Load Ranges G and H




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