Mitas HCM Tires

Mitas has entered the municipal tire segment with its first HCM tires featuring a cascade shaped tread lugs for improved traction and self-cleaning.

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Mitas has unveiled its HCM (High Capacity Municipal) tires for urban use, representing the company's future expansion into the municipal tire segment.

  • Universal design enables use on various terrains mounted on different machines and applications
  • Can be fitted on agricultural and industrial tractors, handlers, loaders, etc. and is suitable for agricultural, municipal, construction, forestry,and other heavy-duty applications
  • Cascade shape of tread lugs ensures traction in snow, muddy and wet conditions, and provide optimal self-cleaning properties
  • D speed category (65 km/h [40.39 mph]) for road transportation
  • Different length of pitches and their alignment along the circumference enable low noise emissions and vibration
  • Can be equipped with spikes in winter conditions
  • Capable of carrying loads of 7,875 kg (17,361.4 lbs.) under 3.2 bar (46.41 psi) and speed 10 km/h (6.21 mph)
  • Features diameter of 1.83 m



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