Bridgestone Vortech Rubber Tracks

At CONEXPO 2017, Bridgestone debuted its Vortech rubber tracks with H-shaped tread pattern which expands the edge portion to provide higher levels of traction.

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Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) has debuted the Vortech line of rubber tracks.

  • Designed specifically for compact tracked loaders
  • Features responsive track design and powerful H-shape tread pattern to deliver both workability and smooth driving experience
  • Optimized internal structure and tread pattern lowers bending resistance that occurs when rubber tracks rotate, enabling more fluid vehicle movement
  • Reduces engine power loss during vehicle driving by 26%, contributing to improved driving efficiency and subsequently more fluid vehicle movement
  • Employs H-shaped tread pattern to expand edge portion of tracks, which grips the ground, and provides higher levels of traction for powerful performance
  • Improves driving performance in compact tracked loaders in variety of environments ranging from gravel to sediment, and other ground types
  • Unique tread pattern and tread positioning achieves smoother driving, which helps reduce operator fatigue resulting from vehicle vibration
  • Available in 450 mm (17.7 in.) wide sizes
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