S-TECH 900 Rubber Track

The S-TECH 900 from Soucy Track features a central frame which evacuates mud and debris to ensure maneuverability through fields.


The S-TECH 900 is an entirely redesigned rubber track from Soucy Track, the agricultural rubber track brand of Soucy Group. 

  • Features Soucy's exclusive rubber formula and four layers of Fleximat
  • Offers traction, comfort and endurance 
  • Independant lateral tandems, oversized wheels and dynamic tensioner provide constant ground contact, optimal traction, flotation and comfort
  • Central frame enables mud and debris evacuation
  • Dynamic tensioner ensures optimum tension of track to reduce rolling resitance and fuel consumption
  • Flat surface and large ground contact area eliminates creation of ruts and allows for more controlled traffic farming (the practice of driving on the same paths to reduce soil compaction)
  • Large ground surface area provides uniform irrigation and protects rows and crops
  • Reduces soil compaction by reducing the amount of pressure the vehicle exerts onto the ground


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