Data Without Context Obscures Detail

The road to success involves adding intelligence to raw data in order to achieve real business value.

Dave M High Res

responses courtesy of Dave McCarthy, Senior Director of Products, Bsquare Corporation

The Internet of Things & Connectivity

How do you see the Internet of Things shaping the direction of the heavy-duty vehicle markets?

Every segment of the industry has unique characteristics; however there are key themes that persist throughout. IoT can improve fleet uptime, manageability, and performance through functional enhancements like predictive failure, fuel optimization, and condition-based maintenance. Depending on your position in the market, these benefits may take different forms. For example, real-time IoT insights allow OEMs to provide a higher level of product reliability, which cultivates greater customer loyalty and overall demand. Alternately, fleet operators are able to optimize repair schedules and logistics to improve operational efficiency.

Managing the Data Trend

Where do you see data leading the industry? What is its potential?

Data provides more visibility into real-time operations than ever before. However, the road to success involves adding intelligence to raw data in order to achieve real business value. Simply receiving a vehicle error code is a step in the right direction, but that information still leaves a ton of unanswered questions. Without context, this sheer volume of raw data, and the white noise surrounding it, can obscure important details – often leading to false positives and negatives. With a comprehensive IoT strategy it’s possible to go beyond simple analysis and evaluate data groupings, patterns, and trends to improve decision-making accuracy.

Challenges & Opportunities

What is your company’s opportunity to impact the marketplace with a unique product, capability or offering?

The operational benefit of IoT data is undeniable. So why aren’t more companies successfully implementing the technology? The belief that IoT solutions are overly complex, or require a team of data scientists to implement still persists. But the truth is you don’t need extensive development resources cobbling together software from multiple vendors to get meaningful ROI from your data. Bsquare works to disprove these technology myths and break down adoption barriers by providing solutions that enable fleet and other line of business managers to realize these benefits quickly by enabling them to work with data in ways not previously possible.

The Global Landscape

What key policies are you watching closely that could impact your business, either positively or negatively?

Whether it’s internal corporate governance or external regulations, maintaining compliance is crucial for all companies. However, managing these obligations manually can be demanding, and new requirements emerge all the time. Utilizing operational data can help remove that compliance headache. But instead of focusing on a narrow subset of solutions to solve one problem – like electronic logging device mandates (ELD) – take the opportunity to invest in a holistic technology strategy that will prepare your company to easily adapt to whatever rule and policy changes may arise.