Eaton to Display Terminals and Connectors at CONEXPO

The HPLB power connectors are ideal for current and future electrified construction and off-highway vehicles.

RPS large LP12, LP16 and RD14 terminals are designed for vehicles typically used in construction and off-highway fields.
RPS large LP12, LP16 and RD14 terminals are designed for vehicles typically used in construction and off-highway fields.

Eaton announced it will display its line of power connectors and terminals for electrified and internal combustion construction and off-highway vehicles at CONEXPO-CON/AGG (CONEXPO).

“The construction industry, like many others, is transitioning to electrification. Eaton’s global and diverse footprint has broadened our reach and ability to grow in this market,” said Chris Mancuso, general manager, Power Connections, Eaton’s eMobility business. “As the construction industry electrifies, the need for differentiating terminals and connectors evolves in parallel. We have seen a similar transition in the automotive market.”

The connectors were designed and developed by Royal Power Solutions (RPS), which Eaton acquired in 2022. Established in 1938, RPS develops and produces critical high-precision power- and signal-distribution terminals and connectors.

Eaton’s portfolio of electrical solutions includes terminals, connectors and other electrical components designed to handle current levels up to 500 amps. Among those components are stamped battery and eyelet terminals that can withstand vibration and harsh environments, making them ideal for commercial and off-highway vehicles.

HPLB Connectors Provide Protection, Superior Performance

Eaton’s high power lock box (HPLB) power connectors are ideal for current and future electrified construction and off-highway vehicles and can help reduce common warranty issues. The HPLB connectors have a space-saving profile, superior performance, cost savings and reduced manufacturing complexity. The HPLB terminals provide efficiency and reliability and have stronger current carrying capabilities compared to terminals on the market today.

The HPLB terminal system forms a connection that provides improved contact force as the temperature increases. Unlike traditional box-and-blade or pin-and-socket terminal connections, Eaton’s terminals use an inverted contact system approach for a stronger connection.

Terminals Designed for Construction, Aggregate Industries

The low-profile (LP) 12, LP16 and round 14 terminals are part of the HPLB connectors family. They are larger and designed for vehicles typically used in construction and agricultural fields. Able to carry up to 500 amps, the HPLB terminals allow global customers to simplify the manufacturing process and open new areas of opportunity for electrified off-highway vehicles.

Busbars Feature Low Profile, Flexibility to Meet Design Requirements

Another technology available to Eaton’s construction and off-highway vehicle customers is RigiFlex busbars, which can be manufactured in copper or aluminum, depending on customer requirements. With a simple, single piece flow manufacturing process, Eaton can scale volume to meet customers’ specifications.

The RigiFlex busbar is rigid in some areas, but flexible in sections that require expansion, contraction or elevated changes in the system design. This flexibility also works well across the battery pack in areas that need to comply with expansion and contraction during charging and discharging cycles due to changing cell thicknesses.

Low-profile busbars enable space-efficient design without heat sinks for weight savings. Eaton also can produce busbars with a level of flatness over length unmatched by competitors.

“When off-highway equipment is assembled, it’s largely done manually since robots have difficultly handling round wires, which are hard for them to grasp,” Mancuso said. “When employing HPLB terminals our Rigiflex busbars improve the assembly process, safety and time to complete the manufacturing process and with less equipment and fewer assembly personnel.”

By capitalizing on the global growth trends of electrification and digitalization, Eaton is helping accelerate the planet’s transition to renewable energy, helping solve the world’s most urgent power management challenges, and doing what’s best for our stakeholders and all of society.

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