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LINAK has grown from humble beginnings in 1907. Since Bent Jensen, CEO and Owner, took over the family company in 1976 and introduced the idea of the linear actuator to improve people’s lives LINAK has continuously expanded all over the world. 
LINAK Group Headquarters in Guderup, Denmark spans over 38,000 m2 of development and production facilities. LINAK has approx. 1,600 dedicated employees in 35 countries.
The LINAK Group is divided into 5 divisions organized as individual business units. This ensures that customers within the various business areas will always be serviced by a team of experts with immense relevant insight and experience.
LINAK is globally recognized for high quality, technically advanced, innovative solutions that reach the marketplace as cutting edge products giving both us and our customers a strategic advantage. 
With more than 7,000 different articles, no one else in the industry offer a wider range of actuator systems than LINAK. Our complete selection includes actuators, lifting columns, control boxes, controls and a wide range of accessories.
80% of our products are customized solutions, and we take pride in being a strong partner in the development of new applications.

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