Linak Electric Linear Actuators with Integrated Controller

Linak's electric linear actuators with integrated controller are available in four different options to meet specific application needs.

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LINAK electric linear actuators with an integrated controller allow for easier integration into existing electronic control systems.

  • Can be delivered with either Modbus or LIN bus
  • Available in four options

IC Basic

  • Offers features such as overload protection for high actuator reliability
  • Can be pre-configured on request for direct use in specific applications
  • Position feedback is possible by means of hall sensor or analog feedback

IC Advanced

  • Can be configured via a USB cable and Linak BusLink Software
  • Software enables user to set various parameters, such as current limits, virtual endstops or various position feedback options, as well as speed at which spindle drives in and out
  • Provides ability to read out data, such as number of cycles, the moved load and relevant service data


IC Parallel

  • For applications in which the actuators operate in parallel motion
  • Self configurable
  • Allows for parallel drive of up to eight actuators
  • Master actuator controls up to seven so-called slave actuators
  • No additional control boxes or complicated cable systems are necessary



  • Enables integration into existing BUS-control system without additional hardware
  • Allows for unlimited amount of configurations and extended monitoring functions
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