WESTCON Model 758-9905000 AC Tachometer Generator

The WESTCON AC tachometer generator from Marsh Bellofram has a starting torque of 2.0 in.-oz. maintained at running speeds up to 1,000 rpm.

Marsh Bellofram 10932970

Marsh Bellofram Corporation has introduced its WESTCON Model 758-9905000, an industrial AC tachometer generator designed for high-reliability 24/7 jet and diesel engine rotational speed measurements within voltage responsive systems.

  • Converts rotational shaft speed inputs into linear analog voltage outputs, even in the harshest of environments
  • Approximate starting torque is 2.0 in.-oz., which is maintained at running speeds of up to 1,000 rpm
  • Rugged construction incorporates a multi-pole cylindrical magnet, which turns within a wound stator
  • Stator is constructed from high-quality transformer iron lamination material
  • Housed within a dustproof aluminum alloy housing
  • Features SAE 1/8 in. type steel mounting with 3/16 in. solid drive dog
  • Single phase output current is expressed as a sine wave over the full speed range of the tachometer
  • Features 100 ohm stators as standard
  • Two binding posters are available for electrical connection
  • Custom stator ranges are available upon request
  • Supports numerous military and off-highway vehicle diesel and gas engine applications, particularly where a standard SAE screw-type tachometer is necessary 



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