John Deere Electronic Solutions PD400 Inverter for Motor Control

At INTERMAT 2015, John Deere Electronic Solutions introduced its PD400 modular inverter, an all-in-one solution which eliminates the need for multiple interfaces in hybrid electric vehicles.

PD400 single inverter
PD400 single inverter

The new PD400 modular inverter from John Deere Electronic Solutions (JDES) combines the ruggedness and reliability of proven John Deere inverters with flexible new features for easier system design. Available for both single and dual inverter configurations, the PD400 is built for a wide range of off-highway and heavy-duty vehicle applications.

  • Features a modular, compact and extremely durable design
  • Combines multiple functions and reduces the number of interfaces, cables and connections for added flexibility and cost savings
  • A common control module can be configured with different bus capacitors, single or dual power modules  and optional brake chopper to build an all-in-one power electronics solution
  • Configurations rated from 100 KVA to 300 KVA
  • Used in wide range of high-voltage DC bus systems (180 to 750V DC systems)
  • Sealed enclosure with liquid-cooled power section
  • Tested to strict EMC vehicle standards
  • Dual high-speed CAN for system control and communications
  • Common electronic control architecture that supports the full suite of JDES advanced motor control software
  • Efficient control of induction or IPM machines 
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