Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA)

Vanner's Hybrid Beltless Alternator features a solid-state design to provide clean, ripple-free voltage output.

Vanner introduces its Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA) for use in hybrid buses.

  • Eliminates costly maintenance and part costs of traditional belt drives and alternators while improving uptime
  • Offers efficiency almost two times that of traditional alternators
  • Solid-state design provides clean, ripple-free voltage output
  • Eliminates hydraulic lines when powering electric cooling fans
  • Single configurations provide up to 300 amperes at idle and dual configurations provide up to 600 amperes at idle in a clean solid-state DC-DC converter
  • Improves in-service fuel economy 10 to 15% and will last up to the entire life of the bus
  • Can be equipped with dynamic charging when coupled with Vann-Bus Equalizer and Vanner’s MBBM technology that controls state of health and state of charge of house batteries



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