Cat GRADE with Slope Assist for track-type tractors improves operator efficiency

Caterpillar's GRADE with Slop Assist automatically maintains blade rainfall and slope angles to reduce operator inputs while improving their overall grading efficiency.

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Cat GRADE with Slope Assist uses in-cab guidance and blade control to help operators work efficiently and accurately with less effort. The system automatically maintains blade mainfall (fore/aft) and slope angles allowing operators to reduce manual inputs by up to 80%. An in-cab display with real-time mainfall/slope indicators guides the operator, providing an easy way to monitor progress at a glance. The result is quick, confident grading—so work gets done faster with fewer passes, greater accuracy, less fuel and less fatigue.

Integrated to optimize performance

Cat GRADE with Slope Assist is an integrated system, available from the factory on a growing number of Cat dozers including the Tier 4 Final-compliant D6N, as well as the D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2*. Integration optimizes performance as key technologies are designed to work together as a system with quick-response sensors communicating smart blade adjustments to maximize productivity. Integration also helps protect components from damage, ensuring long life, reliable control and higher accuracy. An integrated display simplifies viewing and navigation and integrated joysticks help operators work efficiently and safely without taking their hands off the controls. 

*Cat Grade with Slope Assist retrofit kits available for model specific small dozers. 

Simple, cost effective, easy to upgrade

Cat GRADE with Slope Assist is a simple 2D system that requires no infrastructure, base station, design files or data radios. It provides a cost effective way to achieve the efficiency gains associated with guidance and control technologies. When 3D control is needed, the system can be easily upgraded to AccuGrade (requires AccuGrade Ready Option, ARO). Additionally, Cat GRADE with Slope Assist integrates with AccuGrade to provide improved grading performance.

Two modes give operators flexibility

Operators can run Cat GRADE with Slope Assist in one of two modes, depending on application requirements and personal preferences.

Basic Mode includes Manual Control and Auto Control settings.

  • When using Manual Control, the operator receives slope guidance, but makes blade adjustments manually.
  • With Auto Control, the system maintains the last mainfall and blade slope values input by the operator. (The mainfall value automates blade lift, while the blade slope value automates blade tilt).

Advanced Mode combines Basic Mode capabilities with automated button controls to further simplify operation.

  • The Recall Value button adjusts the blade to the programmed mainfall and slope at the beginning of a pass when Auto is pressed.
  • Swap Slope changes the direction of the recall value.
  • Match Slope matches the highlighted recall value to the actual slope value.
  • Increment/Decrement adjusts the actual slope value above or below the highlighted value using right joystick buttons.

An on-board Help feature provides easy access to detailed instructions for the operator.

Efficient, accurate dozing

Cat GRADE with Slope Assist helps equipment owners save time, reduce rework and control fuel, material and labor costs. It can be used effectively in many applications ranging from building pads to leveling and grading to working on slopes, embankments or flat planes.