Oztek Corp. OZip Intelligent Power Module

Oztek Corp.'s OZip Intelligent Power Module includes a 32-bit floating-point processor and operates with DC link voltages up to 850V.

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Oztek Corp. announces the release of its OZip Intelligent Power Module.

  • Goes beyond simple digital protection and fault management with inclusion of 32-bit floating-point processor running highly configurable application control code
  • Operates with DC link voltages up to 850V and continuous phase currents up to 250ARMS
  • Available in IP55 rated, forced-air and liquid-cooled configurations
  • Accommodates wide range of power control applications
  • Factory-programmed with one of three code modules, each designed to address different groups of applications
  • Controls three-phase induction and permanent magnet motors up to 200 hp with OZip Motor Control Software
  • OZip GTI/AFE Software facilitates grid-connected inverter applications, and OZip DC/DC Software enables interleaved, bidirectional buck and boost regulator operation
  • Can be supplied with necessary filters for inverter and DC/DC applications or customer-specified filters to satisfy particular application needs
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