MTA Electronic Relays

The MTA electronic relays eliminate the noise associated with traditional coil relays and are able to disconnect themselves should an error occur.

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MTA SpA recently developed an electronic relay to substitute traditional coil relays.

  • Features several characteristics that solve limitations of electromechanical alternatives
  • Eliminates noise issue typical of traditional coil relays
  • Capable of managing some functions by modulating the output in PWM, enabling variation of output voltage
  • Incorporates protections such as those against over-voltage and reverse battery polarity
  • Includes diagnostic functions
  • Able to act as a fuse since it can disconnect itself in the case of anomalies
  • Features unlimited number of activations for continued reliability
  • Provides faster switching times
  • Offers reduced size and weight (-30%) compared to competitive products
  • Compatible with traditional relay port control units, making it possible to substitute for more traditional electromechanical relays without any problems
  • Available in three versions with nominal currents of 10A, 25A and 40A respectively
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