Trignal Self-Charging LED

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Trignal is a self-charging plug-in LED safety light for truck wheels. It generates its own power by rotating with the wheel.

Trignal is fitted to a truck’s wheels like a hubcap. It serves to give other motorists fair warning of the truck’s presence on the road and also offers a visual representation of its speed. If the truck is moving at a safe speed, then the wheels glow a demure green. At a high speed, Trignal glows yellow. At a dangerous speed, red light is emitted. This not only benefits other road users by enhancing their awareness of the truck’s speed, it also encourages the truck driver to drive responsibly. 

Trignal is also useful for highlighting the truck’s position when it is turning corners. Its built-in generator converts the mechanical energy of the rotating wheel to electrical energy to power the LEDs.

Yong Yang, Sha Zhu
Honourable Mention

Yong Yang
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