Ultrathin LED Lighting with NovaLens

Federal-Mogul introduces its NovaLens lens in an ultrathin light to reduce lamp size by 60% and provide more headroom in the interior of vehicles.

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Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed NovaLens and an utrathin LED light that makes vehicle interior lighting systems slimmer, cooler, more efficient and more stylish.

  • Both combines LEDs and specially designed lamp lens to reduce profile of interior lamps by up to 60%
  • NovaLens provides consistent and even illumination without "hot spots"
  • The unit measures 12 mm thick compared to typical interior lamp profiles of 30 mm or more, giving vehicle designers an extra 18 mm of space 
  • LEDs emit cones of light that generate variations in intensity and visible hot spots within the lens of a traditional interior lamp
  • NovaLens incorporates unique geometric features which reflect and refract light from LEDs positioned at opposite sides of lamp to produce visually uniform illumination
  • Inner surface of the NovaLens includes optical features that vary in shape, depth and position, depending on their distance from nearest LED
  • Outer surface of the NovaLens contains several parallel optical flutes
  • Light from LEDs is reflected from optical features in the NovaLens and spread evenly by flutes to deliver uniform distribution of light over target zones
  • Provides consistent, homogeneous appearance
  • The system uses fewer LEDs for higher efficiency
  • LED technology can draw less than 2W, depending on customer requirements, compared to 10W for equivalent incandescent bulbs
  • Reduced electrical demand cuts CO2 emissions and helps reduce battery drain
  • LEDs last ten times as long as incandescent bulbs and operate 95 C cooler for improved thermal management


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