MicroNova Dot LED Lamp

Grote introduces its MicroNova Dot, a penny-sized LED lamp offering dual intensity capabilities.

Grote Micronovadotlight 11079681
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Grote Industries announces the introduction of its MicroNova Dot, a family of clearance/marker lamps with dual intensity capabilities that are specifically designed to resist the dimming that is common in other penny-sized LED lamps.

  • Allows room for addition of rectifier diodes, which protect LEDs from effects of negative transients
  • Comes in standard red and amber colors as well as white
  • Available in P2- and PC-rated versions for compliance with photometric requirements of broad spectrum of applications
  • P2 designation enables use as either a sidemarker lamp or a clearance lamp, but not both at the same time
  • PC designation meets light angularity requirements for both clearance and sidemarker lamps simultaneously
  • Toughness and diminutive size make make well suited as accessory lamp for a broad range of applications
  • Requires no mounting fasteners
  • Profile extends only three-eighths of an inch from mounting surface
  • Comes in a 12V model and  24V ECE-rated model
  • Optional adapter adds flexibility by allowing functionality in dual-intensity mode
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